Marty Barclay


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Middendorf Breathexperience is a somatic (body based) work developed by Ilse Middendorf over the past 70 years. Through simple movements in sitting and standing in classes or private sessions, I can build my sensory connection to the sensation of the breath movement in my body. Bringing my awareness to this otherwise unconscious process, I enter a process with my breath that can 'organize' my physical structure as well as the various levels of my being without my having to 'know' anatomy, psychology or spirituality. This healing or organizing quality of the breath which brings well being occurs when my breath is in its natural or allowed state. I could say that my classes are laboratories for each person's discoveries in experiencing freedom, resilience and vitality through connecting with their unmanipulated breath.

I came to this work because I have been a professional gardener for 25 years. I enjoy the physical support for my chronic back issues as well as the incredible dimension I experience when I play in the arena that breath provides.
Please join me for a class or a private session!

Marty came to the work in 1991 and completed her 3 and one half year training in 1999 at the Middendorf Breath Institute in Berkeley. She has been teaching and practicing since 1998 and was invited to join the staff of the Middendorf Breath Institute in 2005.

Marty has also served on the Board of the Breath Center of San Francisco, the non-profit organization associated with Middendorf Breathwork in the U.S. since 1996.